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Q: Why does the University have furniture standards and why must they be followed?

A: Standards were established to ensure only commercial grade furnishings that are suitable for higher education and meet California Fire Code (TB-117, 2013 and TB-133), are procured. Standards are also important so there is consistency and compatibility of furniture components throughout the University. Also purchasing off the system wide contract ensures that all competitive bidding requirements are met.

Q: Can furniture be purchased from a home store or retailers like Ikea?

A: No. While the cost of these items may be more attractive the majority of these retailers do not sell commercial grade furniture and/or fabrics with the required smoke and flame spread ratings required for institutional use. Contract furnishings typically have a 5-10 year warranty while residential furniture may have a one year warranty, if any warranty at all.

Q: What if I want to buy my own furniture?

A: The university will not fund any furniture that does not meet the campus standard. If an individual does purchase their own furniture they will not be reimbursed.

Q: I have my own desk and want it in my office. Can I do that?

A: This will be addressed on a case by case basis and will require review of materials with the Campus Fire Marshal. Removal of university furniture will need to be funded by the department, as well as replacing if and/or when a space assignment changes.

Q: Can I move my office furniture around?

A: Office reconfigures need to be handled by the university furniture vendor, Tangram. Since office furniture is under warranty, breaking down a desk and/or assembling a desk needs to be handled by Tangram. They have Steelcase certified installers that are specifically trained to work on the office furniture. This will ensure no warranties are voided.

Q: I need a new chair. How do I request that?

A: Chairs, monitor arms, and a variety of miscellaneous items are available for request by emailing These items are all preapproved and can be shipped directly to you. Installation is not required for these pieces.

Q: I no longer need a bookcase in my office. How do I get rid of it?

A: You can submit a work order to FM Help requesting Moving and Events pick up your bookcase and transport it to the furniture surplus inventory. Moving and Events can remove free standing bookcases, file cabinets, tables, and chairs without impacting warranty on the products.

Q: I am moving to a new building, will our department be reimbursed for the funriture we previously purchased?

A: The new building is furnished, you will leave behind your existing furniture, since new furniture is being provided.

Q: Why is there a design fee on the quotes?

A: All furniture reconfigures require a CAD study to ensure code clearances are maintained and the furniture actually fits in your space.

Q: What are the lead times on request?

A: Direct ship furniture items have a quote turn around of three (3) business days, while office and/or computational lab layouts have a turn around of 10 business days.

Q: Who do I contract to initiate a furniture request?

A: You may email to get a request started.