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Furniture Policy

Exerpt from UCOP Facilities Manual:


Definition. Generally Assignable Office Furniture is defined as Movable Equipment consisting of the following five items only: desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, and correspondence files.

Responsibility for Office Furniture. Generally Assignable Office Furniture is the responsibility of the department occupying the building in which the furniture is located.

Furniture for New Buildings. New buildings will be provided with new furniture from the capital outlay budget, as required by the departments scheduled to occupy the building.

Furniture for Existing Buildings. When a department is transferred from a building, the Generally Assignable [Office] Furniture in the building will remain for use by the new occupants. Excess furniture will revert to the campus furniture pool. If, because of building alterations or remodeling, the remaining furniture is not suitable for the new occupants, the old furniture will be transferred to the campus furniture pool for redistribution on the campus. New furniture for such buildings will be funded with the alteration or remodeling project in the capital outlay budget.

Additional Furniture. Generally Assignable Office Furniture required beyond the needs at building occupancy will be requested from the campus furniture pool. This applies to existing staff as well as to staff additions.

Special Requests for Furniture. Non-University agencies to which University space has been assigned may request Generally Assignable Office Furniture from the campus furniture pool, provided such agencies are willing to make suitable payment for furniture so assigned. Charges in such instances are subject to negotiation with the non-University agency, and will be determined by the chief campus officer or [an] authorized representative.



Definition. Generally Assignable Classroom Furniture is defined as Movable Equipment, including but not limited to the following: lecterns, tablet armchairs, and seminar tables.

Responsibility for Generally Assignable Classroom Furniture. Responsibility for maintenance, repair, and replacement of Generally Assignable Classroom Furniture is normally delegated by the chief campus officer to a University department, usually designated as "Buildings and Grounds," "Grounds and Buildings," or "Physical Plant."

Acquisition of Generally Assignable Classroom Furniture. New buildings will be equipped from capital outlay budget funds with Generally Assignable Classroom Furniture, as required for the classroom facilities programmed for the buildings. Additional units of Generally Assignable Classroom Furniture required after building occupancy shall be requested from the department designated by the chief campus officer as responsible for Generally Assignable Classroom Furniture, generally Buildings and Grounds.