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Desk Chairs and Ergonomics

The Campus Furniture Program, along with EH&S and Risk Services, has established a list of standardized ergonomic furniture options and equipment.  These pieces are campus standards and are UC system-wide vendors. The task chairs, standing desk converters, and sit-to-stand desks are approved options that can be utilized with the EH&S Ergonomic Voucher.

Due to Covid-19 and the understandable need for having an ergonomic work space set up at home, EH&S has published safe practices for setting up your remote work space.

Should an ergonomic sit-to-stand solution be recommended for remote use, please know that only standing desk converters will be approved, by EH&S. Sit-to-stand desks are approved for campus office environments only, as they are commercial grade furniture which requires certified factory assembly and install.