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Sit to Stand Desks

Steelcase_OlogyManufacturer: Steelcase | Product: Ology


  • Ology makes it easy to change work surface height and posture, and its convenient, intuitive controls encourage more health-conscious behaviors.


  • rectangular D: 23″, 29″, 35″ W: 34″-78″
  • tapered D: 23″/29″, 29″/23″ W: 58″-78″
  • 120-degree corner D: 23″ W: 34″-64″
  • 90-degree corner D: 23″ W: 34″-76″

Height range:

  • 22.6″-48.7″
  • Obstruction sensing technology

Pricing is handled based on the current configuration of an office, changes to office layout to accommodate the new sit to stand desk, and any design and installation fees. To request a sit to stand desk, please submit a Furniture Services Request form.

Please note sit to stand desks are only available for campus spaces and are not available for remote use.